Beauty treatments

The Endermospa Beauty Spa offers you a wide range of beauty treatments, always in search of results and quality.

  • SPA Face treatments, aromatherapy (100% natural), with the laboratory « Société Provençale d’Aromathérapie », all our treatments are precisely adapted to each type of skin but also according to the seasons. Our creams are custom-made for any kind of needs..
  • Sugar waxing, with lukewarm temperature wax, effective, gentle and natural.
  • Relaxing and sports massages for men and women.
  • Face and body lymphatic drainage.
  • Shellac and OPI nail polishes.
  • Japanese manicure and pedicure.
  • Spa manicure and pedicure, foot massage.

Our prices.

Well-being and relaxation associated with our SPA Face Treatments, based on aromatherapy

SPA Face Treatments


  • Our SPA Face treatments are based on aromatherapy (100% natural). We work with the laboratory « Société Provençale d’Aromathérapie », all our treatments are precisely adapted to each type of skin but also according to the seasons. Our creams are custom-made for any kind of needs..
  • For almost 30 years now, « Société Provençale d’Aromathérapie » puts its expertise at the service of creation and production of natural cosmetics with essential oils and extracts of plants and fruits.
  • Promote wellbeing
  • A long experience and a huge requirement in the choice and quality of our products
  • A 100% local production, in Provence, in our manufacturing unit

Price list

Skin cleansing SPA treatment 60mm 70€
Skin care SPA treatment 90mm 90€
Back treatment 45mm 50€
Face manual lymphatic drainage 45mm 50€
Scalp massage 45mm 50€
Brows and lashes tinting 30mm 18€
Eyelash perm 45mm 40€

Body treatments


Massage is used to relieve tensions and knots caused by stress, pain, anxiety, bad eating habits and poor environment.
Massage targets body’s purification, helps energies’ circulation, relieves pains, tensions and tiredness.
It also helps to reduce :

  • blood pressure
  • recovery time
  • the use of sedatives and painkillers

Massages are essential for the relaxation and the balance between body and mind.

The countless benefits of essential oils :

Massage with essential oils
This technique combines the benefits of massage and essential oils to increase your feelings of well-being.
Thanks to the massage, essential oils get into your skin to provide an even deeper effect.
Your skin is intensively hydrated and remains supple and toned.
This massage is also applied to the face and scalp firstly for a calming and relaxing effect then to help essential oils penetrate.

Price list

Body massage 30mm 35€
Body massage 60mm 65€
Massage with essential oils 75mm 80€
Body massage 90mm 100€
Foot massage 45mm 48€
Body manual lymphatic drainage 45mm 50€

It’s time to pamper yourself
Discover a new hair removal method



Sugaring, with lukewarm temperature sugar paste, effective, gentle and natural

This tradional technique has been used for a very long time and offers numerous benefits :

  • Sugaring is one of the most natural hair removal technique using very simple ingredients such as water, sugar, lemon and honey to soften the skin
  • Sugaring is effective and slows down the hair regrowth
  • Sugaring is gentle and reduces the risk of irritation
  • Unlike the other hair removal techniques, sugaring helps to avoid ingrown hairs, irritations, redness and allergies
  • Sugaring is a perfect solution in case of poor blood circulation

Price list

Full leg 30mm 38€
Half leg 20mm 23€
Thighs 30mm 27€
Traditional bikini 10mm 12€
Brazilian bikini 15mm 18€
Half brazilian bikini 20mm 22€
Full brazilian bikini 25mm 28€
Under arms 10mm 12€
Brow 5mm 8€
Lip 5mm 8€
Arms 25mm 25€
Back 30mm 30 à 45€
Chest 30mm 30 à 45€



Have you ever dreamed about beautitul glossy nails and not to worry about touching up every other day ?
Gel nail polish revolution is the perfect alternative for you ! Whether you are not really good at applying nail polish or whether too busy, gel manicure and pedicure will make things easier offering you beautiful natural-looking nails.
Shellac :
Shellac promises to be a durable and beautiful manicure (up to 2 weeks).
Opi :
A wide range of colors and a seasonal selection of new shades. The OPI nail polishes are well-know for their long-lasting and gorgeous pigmentation.

Price list

Manicure 30mm 22€
Pedicure 45mm 32€
Nail filing 15mm 5€
Regular polish application 10mm 10€
Regular polish application (French) 15mm 12€
Gel polish application 45mm 22€
Gel polish application (French) 45mm 25€
Gel polish removal 30mm 10€
Foot treatment 90mm 75€

Pamper your nails
Discover this new technique

Japanese manucure


Japanese manicure is the perfect way to treat yourself. This technique is great to nourish and revitalize your nails and give them an extra shine without a single drop of nail polish. By applying several layers of products, your nails get a deep treatment giving them a shiny and healthy glow. Your hands and feet look clean and fresh.

Japanese manicure is the best technique to get beautiful and healthy nails, hands and feet.
It is a good way to give your nails a break between regular nail or gel polish applications and nail extensions. This treatment should be repeated every two or three weeks.

Price list

Japanese manicure 45mm 35€
Japanese pedicure 60mm 45€